This website is an effort to archive and make available information about the Karakuri Ningyo tradition in English. Until now there has been little interest from outside Japan regarding the Karakuri Ningyo craft, and its influence on technology and the arts.

Kirsty and Shobei

TAMAYA Shobei IX and Kirsty Boyle at his workshop in Inuyama, 2002 (Photograph by Mr HIRAIWA Yuji, Chunichi Newspaper)

In 2002 I received an Australia Council for the Arts New Media Arts grant, enabling me to study under artisan TAMAYA Shobei IX, a ninth generation Karakuri Ningyo craftsman and the last remaining mechanical doll master in Japan from an unbroken lineage. In addition, I spent time at Nagoya University with Dr SUEMATSU Yoshikazu, founder of the SUEMATSU Robotics Laboratory. These experiences have prompted me to compile this collection of information and images relating to robot culture, so that the Karakuri tradition might be shared with the English speaking world.

I am now considered the leading English speaking authorities on the Karakuri tradition (ancient Japanese robot culture) and have lectured extensively on what I term 'Robot Culture' (modern new media robot culture). I am available for public lectures, collaborations and freelance consultation.

Over the years studying Karakuri I have been writting a book for publication. This website contains a small selection of information from my work in progress manuscript.

My personal website is http://onnai.com.

Please email me at kirsty @ karakuri . info with comments and feedback.



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