Karakuri Network

karakurirobot.org (in Japanese), a recently formed NPO (Not for Profit Organisation) to educate and promote the Karakuri tradition internationally

Karakuri Frontier (in Japanese) is a comprehensive website by the world's leading expert on Karakuri, Professor SUEMATSU

Inuyama Cultural Artefacts Museum is where TAMAYA Shobei IX has a workshop and annex with several Karakuri works on display

Dondenkan in Inuyama, where four Dashi floats are on display which appear in the Inuyama Matsuri (festival)

Owari Dashi Matsuri (in Japanese) contains information about Dashi Karakuri Festivals in the Aichi region

NALUSE is the only wadokei (traditional Japanese clock) maker in Japan

Inuyama Tourism

Nagoya Tourism

The National Science Museum, Tokyo

OHNO Benikichi Museum, Kanazawa displays the work of OHNO Benkichi (1801-1870)

Kyoto Arashiyama Orgel Museum incorporating the Guido Reuge Museum, housing an impressive collection of automata and music boxes


Supporters of this Website

The Australia Council for the Arts is the Australian Government's arts funding and advisory body

The Japan Foundation is the Japanese Government's agency supporting international arts and cultural exchange

AI Lab, University of Zurich

The Australian Network for Art and Technology (ANAT) is Australia's peak network and advocacy body for artists working with science and technology


My Related Websites

girltron - webiste documenting a series of works I have produced including a Karakuri inspired robot with the AI Lab at the University of Zurich

robot culture coming soon..



Karakuri Origins

Dashi Karakuri

Butai Karakuri

Zashiki Karakuri

Edo Society

Edo Mechanisms

Karakuri Masters


Robot Perspectives

Karakuri Robots


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